Book printers (POD and offset)

Six Penny Graphics can prepare your print-ready files for any printer (digital POD or offset). Recent printers include:

Sheridan Books, Chelsea, MI
Edwards Brothers, Ann Arbor, MI,
Lightning Source,
Bang Printing, Brainerd, MN,
Friesens, Manitoba, Canada,
Thomson-Shore, Dexter, MI,
BookMasters, Ashland, OH,
Color House Graphics, Grand Rapids, MI,
Four Colour Print Group, Louisville, KY,
McNaughton & Gunn, Saline, MI,


ISBNs and barcodes

Obtaining an ISBN

In the US, ISBNs are issued to publishers or authors by Bowker.

Bar codes

The bar code symbol that will print on your back cover can be sourced from any reputable vendor. For a great explanation of the parts of an ISBN bar code, refer to this information from


To learn about copyright matters and to register your project with the U.S. Copyright Office, go to  Be sure to read about mandatory deposit.

CIP and PCIP Data

If you plan to market your book to libraries, consider obtaining Cataloging in Publication data.

CIP from the Libray of Congress

According to the Library of Congress, “The main purpose of a CIP record is to record the bibliographic data elements of a work and facilitate access to it in library catalogs.” CIP data  is prepared by the Library of Congress for eligible publishers.


Publishers not eligible for the Library of Congress program can obtain the comparable PCIP or Publishers’ Cataloging-in-Publication) from Quality Books.